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17 Reasons to Attend SDE’s National Teaching Math Conference: Reasons 5 & 6

54 days!  Can you believe it is only 54 days until the National Conference??  Time is certainly flying by.  I am sure many of you are in the midst of wrapping up your current school year.  Which means, you are also looking ahead to the next school year.  What better way to get prepared than to attend the National Conference!  This series of posts will highlight (what I think should be) 17 reasons to attend the Teaching Math Conference.

My last post focused on the pre-conference event which will take place on Monday, July 9.  The actual conference will begin on Tuesday, with an amazing keynote session for all attendees by Dr. Becky Bailey.  You won’t want to miss this!

Now for reasons 5 & 6…I have two specially designed sessions on Tuesday for K-2 grade teachers.  In the morning I will focus once again on fact fluency during, It All Adds and Subtracts…Up!  If you can’t attend the pre-conference event be sure to check out this session on fluency for our little ones.  How do we effectively work on facts to 20 and how do we spread this out over these three grade levels?  During our time together we will create an addition/subtraction journal as well as a tool for you to use to track individual student progress.  I promise you will leave this hands-on, interactive session with ideas, games, and strategies you can use from day 1.img_20151007_082626082.jpg

After lunch K-2 teachers can join me again for Geometry All Around Us.  Often times we push our geometry and measurement standards off until late in the year.  What if you taught geometry and measurement throughout the year, giving your little ones a chance to develop the vocabulary and conceptualize  the content over time?  You will participate in rich mathematical tasks that will do just that for your students.  By attending this session at the beginning of your week in Vegas, you will find you will spend the rest of your week looking for the geometry all around you…is there anywhere better to discover geometry than Vegas???  Remind me to tell you the story of the “Vegas Math(bath)room”…it’s one you won’t forget!img_20151006_113948912.jpg

So let’s recap what we’ve covered so far:

Reasons to attend:

  1. Addition fluency
  2. Subtraction fluency
  3. Multiplication fluency
  4. Division fluency
  5. Addition & Subtraction strategies for grades K-2
  6. Geometry activities for grades K-2

Are you convinced?  If so, click on the image below to begin the registration process.  If you still need more reasons, check back tomorrow for reason #7 and a special bonus!



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  1. Looks like fun! I wondered where the “17” came from. Now I know. Looking forward to a great time in Vegas learning from the best.

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