How do you summer?

For most of us, our school year just ended or ended a few weeks ago. Whether it was two weeks ago, two days ago, or this week, our summer break is here! I’m not sure about you, but I always have mixed feelings about summer. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE SUMMER! No 5:30am alarm. No reheating my coffee six times. No last minute lesson planning because as I was trying to fall asleep the night before I came up with something AMAZING to do the next day instead of what I had all prepped and ready to go. Finally, time to “catch up” on all the stuff that didn’t happen at home during the school year. The downside…worrying about my students all summer until I see their faces again down the hall mid-August. Maybe the worst part for me personally, I’m very much a schedule person and the summer can be a free for all and then I hardly get anything done and I feel like I’m running late to everything because “Oh, I have plenty of time!”

When I’m not working on school stuff you can find me running my kids to their events (lacrosse, soccer, swimming, camp, basketball), cooking in the kitchen, or at our family’s lake house.

I LOVE to just hang out with my people and socialize. 

I have many teaching “things” I put off to the side and say, “I’ll do it this summer.” Now that it’s June, I have time to do all the things I didn’t have time to do during the school year. Here are my To-Do’s for the summer…

  • Read Math Recess
  • Read Jo Boaler’s new book , Limitless Mind
  • Find reading passages on Read Works that tie to our Ohio SS standards
  • Reorganize (again) my Daily Number Sense Routine (Calendar Math) to correlate with Eureka Math Modules
  • Print out and organize all Module Topic Quizzes for Eureka Math
  • Reorganize my Google Drive (anyone else?)

Kristin has been very busy traveling the past few weeks working with schools around the US and I have been working a little bit, but most of my time is spent time shuttling my three kids around to their sporting events. In just a few short weeks Staff Development for Educators (SDE) has it’s annual National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year Kristin and I are doing 13 sessions between the two of us. Some of our most popular sessions that we have been asked to do multiple times are:

  • A Fraction A Day Keeps the Tutor Away
    • Link to view 30 minute webinar
  • Rub A Dub Dub, Let’s Make Some Math Tubs
  • Differentiating Math Games
  • Differentiating Your Math Instruction: A Menu of Sponge Activities
  • Guided Math, Where Do I Start?
  • Easy Ways to Incorporate Interactive Notebooks
  • Playing Around, Upping the Ante with Motivating Math Games

What are some of your professional goals for the summer? 

  • Attend Professional-Developments?
  • Read Professional-Development books?
    • Which ones?
  • Investigate your grade level standards?
  • Nothing until the week before school?

We’d love to hear your goals for the summer. Leave us a comment!

(Leave your grade level in your comment, a prize will be sent your way!)

6 thoughts on “How do you summer?”

  1. I will be in vegasat the sde conference. Is your math tubs workshop in the di section. I teach 5th and would like to try some math tubs this year.

  2. I will be in vegasat the sde conference. Is your math tubs workshop in the di section. I teach 5th and would like to try some math tubs this year.

    1. Hi Cyndy, Yes, Emily will be doing that session again this year! I believe she is doing it on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing you there!

    2. Yes Cyndy… I will be doing a session on Morning Math Tubs Friday July 12 @ 8:30am in room Lando 4205. Come introduce yourself!

  3. So far I’ve attended 3 different PD workshops this summer (yours, a STEM workshop, and a soil science workshop) since I’m working on getting my necessary hours to renew my license. This morning I’m reviewing my notes from the Number Sense workshop and typing them up to I can let my principal know what materials need to be purchased for next school year. For the rest of the summer I’ll be at the pool with my kiddos!
    *I teach Kindergarten.

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