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Continuing Your Education

If you are planning on doing the LIMITLESS MIND book study with us and want to earn graduate credit from an accredited university, this would be an easy 15 contact hours of reading the book and participating in the online discussion. 

Raise your hand if you’re a teacher who stays late to get work done OR if you bring work home to finish.

As a teacher I know we all do so much work outside of the standard work hours at our schools. I bring papers home to grade, laminated things home to cut apart, lesson plans to finish, books to read before the kids read, etc. I have always done work outside of the 7:45am-3:15pm time slot… most teachers do.

My job-share partner told me about a site that allows teachers to “Create Their Own Course” by documenting any work they do outside of their paid work hours and earning graduate credit. is exactly that, teacher friendly. Teacher Friendly is through the University of the Pacific and sends you official transcripts to help you re-certify or move over on your pay scale. Yes, please! {Feb. 1 and I’ll be moving over to Masters +36 and get a bump in pay. }

The “Create Your Own Course” has you document in a table the date, work you do, and time spent on a certain project. They require 15 contact hours to earn 1 graduate credit for $79. Yes, only $79 a credit hour. With your table documenting your time, they ask that you show evidence and write a multi-paragraph reflection. These graduate credit have been THE EASIEST college credits I have ever done.

Here’s an example of one of my tables:

Date Activity Time Spent
3/9/19 Research station work for review 2 hours
3/11/19 Sort through & organize stations to copy 2 hours
3/13/19 Copy 52 stations for math review 1.5 hours
3/14/19 Laminate stations for math review 1 hour
3/15/19 Cut out stations (puzzles, sorts, match-ups, spinners, game boards) 3 hours
3/16/19 Type up & print labels for review stations and organize by standards in envelopes 3 hours
3/19/19 Plan out implementation of review stations in the 5 weeks before state testing 2 hours
3/22/19 Copy, laminate, cut, & organize THE AMAZING RACE math activity 3.5 hours
Total Time Spent 18 hours

My evidence included PDF’s and photos of the puzzles I created. I also had photos of myself cutting and organizing the stations I had put together. If you notice the dated, I did this work over my spring break. Boom… 1 graduate credit. 🙂

Another great thing about teacher friendly, you can back-date work you have already complete outside of your paid work hours and submit it for graduate credit. How awesome!!

Want to learn more, click HERE to go directly to the page and follow the directions. Registration is super quick and painless. Documenting your work is simple. The reflection doesn’t have to be pages. You earn graduate credit for what you’re probably already doing. What more could you ask for?

I have done multiple rounds of this course as I just document what I’m working on after hours and then submit when I have enough hours. Please let me know if you have ANY questions at all.

I will post the discussion questions for the INTRODUCTION on Saturday, February 1 both on here and on our Facebook page. We plan on spending one week discussing each chapter to give people plenty of time to hop online, read and leave comments and go back to their lives. We want this book study to be worth your time.  We encourage you to ask questions as well if you’re coming up with any while you read. My book has writing all over it marking parts Iagreed with, questions I had, and parts that spoke to me. Happy reading!

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