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E-Learning Resources

We are excited to announce a partnership with SIS4Teachers to bring you a series of math videos to use at home. During this time we will be posting 3 games/strategies/activities per day to help parents at home or teachers looking for games/activities to push out to their students.

You will be able to download the game boards (if needed) and watch videos on how to play or teach the strategy. We encourage you to not only watch the video yourself, but have your children/students watch the videos as well. All of our downloads will be on our page E-Learning Resources.

How to Participate:
First, join the Facebook group. You’ll have to answer a few simple questions, and then you’re in!

The #sis4students Virtual Math Series will run for three weeks, with a different focus each week. Week 1 will be Math Games!

Each weekday, we will share up to three posts that will include a video introduction to the activity/game and links to any tutorials, game boards or additional resources. Activities and games will be marked with a suggested age/grade range (PreK-5), but can likely be modified if you have multiple kids at home.

Once you’ve completed the activity for the day, reply to the post and let us know how it went or post a picture of your family having a blast! 

Not on Facebook?
We’ll be collecting the daily activities on our website and posting links on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin as well, so you can follow along wherever works best for you!

If you are looking for a particular topic, leave it in the comments on the Facebook page and we will all do our best to find something for you!

Take care of you. Take care of your kids. Take care of loved ones the best you can.

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