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NEW Virtual Math Game Series

During this crazy and uncertain time, Emily and I have been trying to figure out how we can best support you and your students. We received many thank yous for the 3-week virtual math series, and that got us thinking…what else can we do virtually? Meanwhile, Emily’s students were telling her how much they missed being able to play the math games they are used to playing at school. As much as this broke her heart, it made her think, well, why can’t we make our games virtual??? Through trial and error, and much laughter, we figured out a way to make this possible. I have to be honest, she is the right side of the brain, while I hold up the left 🙂 Any and all creativity comes from Emily.

We have started with 8 games: Addition Tic-Tac-Toe, Multiplication Tic-Tac-Toe, Knock Off the Clock, Rolling with Numbers, Rolling with Decimals, Rolling with Fractions, Shut the Box, and Target Addition. The gameboards are created on Google Slides and include a typed up direction sheet. In order to access the board, you will be prompted to “make a copy”. This will allow all of us to be able to play and not mess with the original version. Many of the games are dice games. In that case, we embedded virtual dice for students to use. They will click on the word “dice” at the top of the screen and select how many dice they wish to roll. Of course, if they would rather play with dice they have at home, they can absolutely do that too.

In addition, Emily and I played each game virtually and created a video tutorial for our YouTube channel. These can be shared with your students to watch along with the gameboard.

So….how do you gain access? Well, this is where WE need YOU! We would like to be able to unlock more access on YouTube, but in order to do that, we need subscribers. If you have a YouTube account, we would love for you to subscribe to our channel. We know many of you follow us on Facebook, but most don’t follow our blog at MakingMathMakeSense.org. On our home page, there is a box to enter your email. We would like for you to subscribe to both the YouTube channel and the blog. Once we receive the confirmation that you are now following us, we will send you the password to access our virtual math games. If you already subscribe to both, send us an email and we will reply back with the password.

Our plan is to continue making more games virtual. As we create them, we will add them to the page and leave a note on Facebook when they are ready. Once you have the password, it will never expire and you will continue to get the new games as they are ready.

Thank you again for all the positive feedback you send our way. We really are here to support you and your students! We hope you and your family have been able to stay safe and healthy!

3 thoughts on “NEW Virtual Math Game Series”

  1. I just subscribed & would like your digital game boards if possible! Are you thinking of doing your summit virtually? I would love to attend if so:)

    1. Hi Lisa!!! You should have received an email with the Digital Games password a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully you’ve seen that we are doing our summit virtually!!! We hope you sign up and join us as we have some new activities to share!!!

  2. I subscribed to You Tube and your blog and would love to have your digital game boards.

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