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Digital Number Sense SUMmit

Uncertain times call for different ways of thinking and stepping outside our comfort zones. The entire world has been asked to rethink almost everything they do and find new ways to carry out daily tasks. Every industry has been hit incredibly hard, and the education world has definitely felt the impact.

Last month we shared the unfortunate news of canceling our first math summit. As heartbroken as we felt, we continued supporting teachers through Zoom, creating digital games, planning engaging digital math lessons, and showing support for the difficult mountain they were climbing. Out of these conversations the idea of creating a digital math summit started to evolve. Slowly, we let the idea simmer in the back of our minds until one day, during one of our lengthy Zoom meetings, we decided to bring the idea to life.

Both of us admit our comfort zone is teaching kids in person, with manipulatives, watching the excitement grow in their eyes as they make connections and discover new ways of thinking. But just as everyone else is having to think outside of the box, that’s exactly what we are doing with our new math summit. Have no doubt, the content will still be grounded with best instructional practices, and manipulatives will still be shown, but we will include some special twists that incorporate both digital tools as well as great substitutions that can be found around the house.

The summit will be taking place on June 25 and July 20 from 11:45-3:00 EST. Each day will feature 6 different sessions, 3 sessions for grades K-2, and 3 sessions for grades 3-5. Each session will be 55-minutes with 5 minutes in-between to refill, refuel, and refresh for the next topic. Registration will open on June 1 with a fee of $100 per day which can be paid for by credit card or purchase order from your district. The brochure will feature all session descriptions. Below you will see our outline for the two days.

Schedule_Topics (1)


Registration for the day/days you sign up for covers the following:

    • handouts for each session,
    • passwords to unlock a wealth of material we have stored on our website including, digital games, workstations, and updated fluency journals
    • access to all 6 recordings from that day
    • discount code to purchase materials from Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks

As we have worked on building the new summit, our hearts have grown with excitement the idea of being able to share with you the new ideas we have found, products we have created, and engaging lessons and activities for you to share with your students. We hope you will join us for 1 or 2 days this summer. We promise to do our best to deliver a summit full of content you will be able to use regardless of the situation you face walking back into your classroom this fall.


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