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1 week to go…

We are beyond excited to host our very first Digital Number Sense SUMmit in 7 days!! This idea was just a dream to us over the last few years. We attended and presented at various conferences around the United States and had always thought, “What if…” Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is just about time for our dream of hosting our very own math conference to become a reality!!

THERE IS STILL TIME TO REGISTER! (session descriptions and registration form)

When we finally decided to step up to the plate and go for it, it was a little bit scary. Ok, a lot scary. 🙂 As the planning started for our in-person conference we had to keep reminding ourselves of our WHY.

Here are our top 7 WHY’s:

  • Developing Mathematical Thinkers
  • Student Engagement
  • Lower Math Anxiety (students and teachers)
  • Making Connections
  • Student Discovery
  • The Math Behind The Math
  • Learning Equality

As we toyed back and forth with doing a virtual conference, it became abundantly clear that we needed to step up to the plate and shift how and what our conference was going to look like as we moved forward.

Our guiding thoughts have been:

  • How can we best support teachers?
  • How can we, as educators, still teach with fidelity and student centered learning?
  • What do teachers need to be successful this coming year? 
  • How can we still teach math conceptually if we can’t share materials or are teaching virtually?

WE are here for YOU!!

YOU are here for your STUDENTS!!

As we are in our final days of preparation, our question for you is…

What are you specifically looking for as your BIG TAKEAWAY from our time together on Thursday June 25, 2020? Leave your comments below.

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