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Virtual Manipulatives

So last week we had a post about Math Tool-kits. We have received many messages and photos from you all on what you’ve put together. We LOVE it!!

One of the things I keep getting stuck on is- I don’t plan on sending home the Math Tool-kits with my students if/when we go on distance learning. So the question is … “If/When we go virtual, what can I do to still teach concretely and conceptually and not send home the Math Tool-kits?”

If you’re on any teacher groups on social media or on an email list for an education blog, you’ve probably seen some of the fantastic virtual manipulatives that are available for teachers.

My personal favorite visual for the manipulatives comes from the Techie Teacher. She put all of the popular virtual manipulatives in one single slide.

Kristin and I have have spent a lot of time this summer exploring the popular virtual manipulatives and here are our notes. Click on each of the images to take you to the respective pages. These are sites that we personally use. We have no affiliation with any of these sites.

Our Favorite Virtual Manipulative Sites

Toy Theater

Our favorite site! You must spend time exploring everything they have to offer!

  • 120 chart allows you to both circle the number and paint the square
  • Ten-frame and double ten-frame option
  • Math balance
  • Great place value charts
  • Pattern blocks are nice, but do not have the ¼ or 1/12 option for fractions
  • Place value chip colors match the ones you can purchase
  • Great Geoboard
  • Prime factor tiles
  • Rekenrek is nice, but try this option from the Math Learning Center



  • Number tiles
  • Number bars…similar to cuisenaire rods, great virtual option
  • Great Fraction bars
  • Polygons; students can use a protractor online to measure angles



  • Search for specific topic and you will find what you need! 
  • Great virtual games and activities to share with your students


Braining CampBrainging Camp 2

  • NOT free
  • Emily’s  favorite apps



Our Favorite Sites… 

Steve Wyborney’s site… so many GREAT things!


Graham Fletcher’s site… new fact fluency stuff, but 3 act tasks and progression videos are fantastic!


Jo Boaler’s site…

You Cubed 1You Cubed

Greg Tang’s site…

Greg Tang

Math Playground… a Thinking Blocks post will be coming soon! We LOVE it!

Math Playground

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