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The Candy Corn Contest

Looking for a great themed activity for this week before Thanksgiving Break?

Whether you are in-person, online, or doing a hybrid this is the activity for you!

I am here to share with you, The Candy Corn Contest. It’s simple…  a whole bunch of candy corn in a jar and the students guess how many are in there. You give your students clues as to how many candy pieces are in the jar.

I was inspired by Steve Wyborney and his Esti-Mystery series. Wyborney’s Esti-Mystery is one of my absolute favorite Number Talk/Walk activity to do with students K-8. If you don’t know what the Esti-Mystery series is, you’re missing out and need to go to his website right now. Go! Click here!

I use one of his Esti-Mysteries daily with my 4th graders, but have done them with all various grade level. This school year he is sending out an Esti-Mystery a day through his site. I would highly recommend!

Back to the Candy Corn Contest… Watch the video below to hear how I set it up in my classroom. I will add the Google Form links below for each day of the week. If you’d rather do it similar to Wyborney’s Esti-Mystery, the Google Slide is below.



Please let us know how your class did and what you think!

Google Form No Clues- First Guess

Google Form Clue 1

Google Form Clue 2

Google Form Clue 3

Google Form Clue 4

Google Slides with all 4 clues

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