The SUMmit is Over But the Learning Continues

2 presenters

4 days

6 grade levels

25 sessions

40+ school districts

1860 minutes of PD

And it isn’t over yet…

Did you want to attend the Digital Number Sense SUMmit but weren’t able to give up the time over the summer? Did you not have funding available in the spring/summer? Did you find out about it after the dates were over? Over the past several weeks these have been some of the comments Emily and I have heard from teachers who would like to get access to the recorded sessions. Our response…NO PROBLEM! Just because the live sessions are over doesn’t mean the learning is. All sessions were recorded and will be available for all participants to view throughout the entire 2021-2022 school year! 

Click here to access the complete brochure with descriptions of all sessions and the registration page. For each day you register, you will receive access to 6 recorded sessions, handouts for each session, and additional resources that were shared. You will also receive a certificate for 4 hours of PD.

We had an amazing four days of learning with our 2021 Digital Number Sense SUMmit! Thank you to everyone who attended!


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