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Math Game Binder

If you’re like me and like organization, this post is for you!

It’s no secret WE LOVE MATH GAMES!!!

I use math games as a form of practice for students. I’m not 100% against worksheets. There’s a time and place for them for sure, but if students aren’t engaged in their learning, you (as the teacher) won’t see what your students really can do. Playing math games raises engagement and enjoyment in mathematics, which in turn raises achievement.

When I say, “We are going to play a math game today,” my students get so excited and are automatically engaged. They sit up a little straighter and are focused on what I am about to introduce to them.

A common problem of a teacher is to figure out how in the world we organize all of our “things”.

If you have done any math sessions with Kristin or I you know we have, use, and share loads of games and activities with you all. I have organized the math games on my Google Drive for years and I just keep adding to it.


In my classroom, I have a crate that I keep files in for each game and I have a classroom set in each file for the students. My students only get the game boards when I introduce the game to the class.


The students each get a copy of the game and place the page in their “Game Pack”. This is simply a dry erase pack that has game boards inside. This way, the students can reuse the same gameboard time and time again. No waste!

This has worked in my class for years and years, so you may be wondering why I’m introducing a Math Game Binder.

To be honest, I needed something that had a main copy of a blackline so I could grab and share easily with colleagues, you included! I have had many of my coworkers in my building ask for a game covering a certain topic and I have to go search through my Google Drive and then email them when I remember. I also use games throughout all of my PD sessions with teachers across the United States and beyond. With all of my blacklines in clear page protectors, I can quickly grab the games I need and have them ready for you all.

Watch as I walk you through how I organized mine.

This is not the only way to organize your binder. There are plenty of ways you can organize the math games you use in your classroom. The list below shows a variety of ways you can organize your games

  • Domain (NBT, NF, G, MD, OA)
  • Modules or Chapters for your grade level
  • Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3, Quarter 4
  • Remedial, On level, Advanced
  • Number Sense, Addition/Subtraction, Multiplication/Division, Fluency, Problem Solving

The possibilities are endless!

I am sharing a math game for primary and a math game for our intermediate friends below, as well as a link so you can edit and create your own math binder cover and bind label. (Each letter is it’s own object, so feel free to change the color to fit your own preference.)

Face Off Primary

Cover Up

Binder Cover Page & Bind Label

Let us know how your organize your math games. There’s no right way for everyone! We’d love to see how you do it!

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