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Multiplication Review

Coming back from break is not easy for students or teachers. I think it may even be harder for teachers. I think this was the first winter break in my 17 year career that I did less than 1 hour of school work. I’m not saying that to brag, but as something that some of you might need to hear.

It’s ok if you did not one ounce of school work over break.

It’s ok if you did hours and hours of school work over break.

It’s ok if you were somewhere in the middle.

Talking with friends of mine in a variety of districts, this has been the toughest year of our careers yet. For some reason, this year feels harder than last year. I cannot explain, it just feels that way.

Coming back from this winter break, I wanted something that was a review, but also fun for the students in my 4th grade class. This is usually part of our notes when we are working with multiplying multi-digit numbers, but I saved it on purpose to be a review tomorrow, our first day back from break. Use this resource as you wish. I’ve used it in the teaching of various strategies, but also how I’m using it this year, as review.

  1. Print out the pages for each student and have them cut out the small squares.
  2. The students then are going to match up the multiplication strategy with the name. (see image below)

3. Then the students will create their “Window Pane” foldable. (watch video below for how to make them)

4. Student will then start to glue the strategy name on the outside of the window with the mathematical strategy example on the inside. You can see B below using his place value disks to model the problem before he draws it on his foldable.











5. Students will then glue them into their math journals to use as a resource if needed when they come to a multiplication problem.

I have these not only for a 1-digit x 2-digits and 1-digit x 2-digits, but for 2-digits x 2-digits and 2-digits x 3-digits.

I figure that this gets the strategies back in front of the students faces. The vocabulary is there for them to read and interact with. They get to use some crafting skills coming back from 2 weeks off school. It’ll make for a good review before we jump back into new content on Tuesday.


Multiplication Strategies 2×1

Multiplication Strategies 3×1

Multiplication Strategies 2×2

Multiplication Strategies 3×2


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