Goal Writing… for students and you!

It’s January 3. That means you may have either just come up with a New Year’s resolution or you’re possibly trying to come up with one. Some people are trying to determine their word for the year instead of a resolution. To be honest, I’ve never been able to complete a New Year’s resolution and picking a word for the year has never been easy for me. The idea of a whole year focusing on something is too long and too much for me. I need shorter goals, a smaller time frame to have success and build upon that.

For the last few years I’ve written a monthly goal for myself and encouraged my students to do the same. Today, one of the things I’m focusing on with my class is going to be setting a goal for the month of January. There’s one thing about setting a goal, but if you don’t have a plan to make that goal happen, chances are it won’t. We will only spend about 15 minutes today talking about goals because I want them to take a little bit of time to think about and come up with a proper goal for themselves. I leave the gate open on what their goals could be. Their goal can be school oriented, directed towards sports, behavior, or whatever area of their lives they want to make small change. The conversation is about a measurable, achievable goal. I give them plenty of examples and write mine out with them.

My personal goal for January of 2022… write 1 blog post a week. I did a pretty good job to start the school year, but I let myself get busy and the weekly blog posts went by the wayside. My students will help me write out the plan to make the weekly blog posts happen. I’ll show them how the goal is measurable because I can track what posts I write and when. Hopefully by the end of January, you’ll each have a blog post weekly full of ideas you can take and use immediately in your classroom

Thank you for being on this journey with us. We hope you find our blog posts beneficial.

Below you’ll find a free download to use with your class for each student to write their own monthly goals, a plan to make it happen, a chance for them to reflect on achieving their goals, and to state why they did or did not achieve their goals.

Monthly Goals

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