A New Chapter Begins

I am excited to announce that “my partner in success” is starting a new chapter of her journey. As most of you know, I was not the one who wrote the majority of the blog posts on this site over the past few years. I have to give that credit to Emily Kappel. She and I first started working together as fourth-grade teachers across the hall from each other quite a few years ago. We helped shape and guide one another as we began our journey diving deep into math instruction. After I left the classroom to become a full-time consultant, she stood by my side and helped make sure I was successful. She has always been there with either a listening ear, a hand in creating materials, or reminding me why we do what we do. This website definitely wouldn’t be as strong as it is if it weren’t for her.

Now, Emily is starting her own new chapter. She is the owner of Kappel Consulting LLC and along with that, she created the website, makemathmeaningful.com. Schools working with Emily will be extremely fortunate to learn from her. She loves to dive deep into data, build students into mathematicians, and ultimately make math meaningful. Don’t worry, we will still collaborate together on quite a bit, including materials for you to use in your classroom. There might even be a video series somewhere down the line. But the sad news is, that this site will miss the fantastic blog posts she wrote. I encourage all of you who subscribe and follow this site, to subscribe and follow her site as well.

Emily, I am so proud of you and excited to see and hear about the amazing success you are sure to have! Thank you for always being there for me. Rest assured, as you open this new chapter, I will be right by your side. Good luck my friend!

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