MOPs in Education

These past three years in education have been hard, to say the least. It seems to me that every time we turn around education in our country is in the news. Unfortunately, it’s usually not a positive story we hear about. One aspect of my job that I didn’t realize I would love as much as I do, is that I get the chance to see education from a national perspective. For the first 18 years of my career, I really only knew what education looked like in my district. Yes, we knew how we related to other schools in our area and across the state, but we never really looked further than those parameters. Now, I get the opportunity to work with all types of schools from all over the country.

I’ve decided this year I would like to highlight Moments of Positivity in Education. I get to see amazing educators do awesome things in their classrooms. Why not share these moments with you? Of course, this means I have to step up my game and actually remember to take pictures, that’s going to be the hard part! The easy part will be finding the stories to share. I see it all the time…just last week I spent three days working with eager, brand-new teachers who were getting ready to greet their new students. There’s nothing like hearing about the goals new teachers have for their classrooms! I also got to work with veteran teachers doing a progression of place value standards. Sounds fun, huh?! It actually was! To hear the ah-has and listen to how they want to change their instruction shows how teachers are always learning and trying to improve for the sake of their students.

My plan is to call these MOPs in Education. I am borrowing the “MOP” term from a podcast I love. If you have a story you would like me to feature, please send it to me. I will be sharing the stories on my Facebook page, Making Math Make Sense. And, if I am in your school working with you, remind me to take pictures!

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