Kristin incorporates over 20 years of teaching experience, with a concentration in mathematics and a background in special education, into her idea-packed trainings. She has taught special education students, multiple elementary grade levels, and led her district in the successful implementation of the math standards and the adoption of a new text series. Kristin uses her classroom experience to provide practical insight to support teachers in addressing the shifts needed to transform their instruction and enhance student learning. Her breadth and depth of mathematical and instructional knowledge allows her to deliver results-driven professional development that is not only grounded in theory and best practices, but is based on what actually works in the classroom. Kristin’s passion for empowering both teachers and students drives her to share the effectiveness of developing a community of mathematical thinkers in the classroom, and leaves teachers revitalized and eager to implement her ideas.

Emily has seventeen years of experience in the classroom and an enthusiasm for teaching math.  She has been a part of her district’s Math Specialist Group and is always bringing back lessons, ideas and activities to her classroom, school and district.   Having taught two years of Algebra I at the high school level and fifteen years of math​ at the elementary level​, she knows the progression​ of the math standards across the grade levels.  ​ She believes that “Math Talk” , “Math Language”, and conceptual understanding are key pieces missing in most ​math ​classrooms​.  Because of this, she​ has a passion for​ helping teachers embed these ideas into their lessons while​ spreading the​ word that​ math​ is everywhere​ in everyday life.  Her emphasis is teaching audiences to make the shift from “How?” to “Why?” so students don’t just “do” math​ for procedural understanding​, but they show a deeper​ conceptual​ understanding ​which develops children to become mathematical thinkers.   Emily has a love for math and using a variety of strategies when teaching, which clearly comes across when you watch her present.  Her goal is to make learning math meaningful for both teachers and students.