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Summer Math PD

Looking for summer Math Professional Development? Emily and I are excited to share the news that we've put together a summer math institute! We included sample agendas, but all content can be customized for your building/district. To learn more about pricing and options, email HiltyConsulting@gmail.com.

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How “SMART” Are We???

Some of you know I am volunteering with two third-grade classrooms in the building where I used to teach. We have spent the first part of this year working on understanding the concepts of multiplication and division. We've built equal groups with counters, skip-counted on a number line, built area models and arrays, learned how… Continue reading How “SMART” Are We???

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It’s Seminar Season…

I am excited to have the opportunity to once again deliver my 2-day seminar across the country. For those of you who have attended in the past, thank you! Your positive comments and feedback have helped me continuously shape and evolve this seminar to meet teachers’ needs. For those of you who haven’t had the… Continue reading It’s Seminar Season…