E-Learning Resources

Starting Monday, March 16th, we’ll be hosting a free virtual math series for K-5 students and their families through a private Facebook group! 

Making Math Make Sense will be joined by our friends at SIS4Teachers, to bring you awesome, easy math games and activities that can be done at home with little to no prep!

Join the Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sis4students

How to Participate:
First, join the Facebook group. You’ll have to answer a few simple questions, and then you’re in!

The #sis4students Virtual Math Series will run for three weeks, with a different focus each week. Week 1 will be Math Games!

Each weekday, we will share up to three posts that will include a video introduction to the activity/game and links to any tutorials, game boards or additional resources. Activities and games will be marked with a suggested age/grade range (PreK-5), but can likely be modified if you have multiple kids at home.

Once you’ve completed the activity for the day, reply to the post and let us know how it went or post a picture of your family having a blast! 

Not on Facebook?
We’ll be collecting the daily activities on our website and posting links on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin as well, so you can follow along wherever works best for you!

Friday, April 3


Download the Story Mat

Download the Directions

Download the Directions and Gameboard

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Thursday, April 2


Download the Directions and Story Mat

Download the Gameboard and Directions


Download Word Problems

Wednesday, April 1

Download Free Story Mats

Purchase the Set of Story Mats

K-1 Beach Ball Puzzles

2-3 Penguin Puzzles

3-5 Professor Barble Puzzles

3-5 Cookie Puzzles

Tuesday, March 31

Littles: Quantitative Pictures – At the Beach

Download the Pictures

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Primary (K-2): At the Beach

Download the Pictures

Intermediate (3-5): At the Beach

Download the Questions

Monday, March 30

Download the Pictures

Get the Math Talk EBook

Download Instructions

For dice and cards visit Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks

Download Instructions

For Dice and Cards visit Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks

Friday, March 27

Download 0-10 Puzzles

Download 2-3 Digit Puzzles

Download Fraction Puzzles

Download Fraction x Whole Number Puzzles

Download Questions to Ask

Visit Steve’s Website for More Fantastic Activities

Download the Questions

Visit Steve’s Website for More Fantastic Activities

Thursday, March 26

Download the Printable

Grades 1-5: The 18th Hole

Download the Gameboard

Grades 3-5: Cookies–A Division Game

Download the Gameboard

Wednesday, March 25

Download the Printable

Download Game Board

Download Game Board

Tuesday, March 24

Littles: Creating a Math Friendly Yard

Download the Printable

Elementary (Grades 1-5): Subtraction with Springling

Download the Practice Pages

Shop Math Mights

Download Fact Flap Card Directions

Download Multiplication Table

Download Addition Table


Monday, March 23

Download Printable

Download Game Board

Purchase Time’s Up on Timed Tests E-Book

Download Practice Pages

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Friday, March 20


Download Race to 100 Game board

Download Target 100 Game Board

Thursday, March 19

Horse Race Game Board

Fraction Horse Race Game Board

Click to purchase dice tray and at home activity book

Shut the Box Game Board

Purchase Shut the Box

Download the Game Board

Wednesday, March 18

Download Directions
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Buy Math Play Book
Download Instructions

Tuesday, March 17

Download Gameboard

Shop for Deck O’Dots

Download Gameboard


Monday, March 16

K-5: Strategy Game – Rotten Apples

Upper Elementary: Multiplication Speed

Purchase Multiplication Speed

Free Shipping Code: SIS4Students

Download Multiplication Speed Gameboard

Lower Elementary: Bump Addition