Your insight and knowledge has given me great abilities to help many struggling students. Please send me all information you can possible send. Please keep me updated with all materials you are using. Thank you for one of the best workshop I have attended this year! Looking forward to hearing from you in building leaders who will change our world. Vanessa, Texas

I attended your conference this past Monday and Tuesday.  Thank you so much for your strategies, activities, games, and advice for teaching students’ mathematics.  I truly enjoyed the conference and all the activities I can take back to my classroom to use immediately to help with number sense!

I SO enjoyed your workshop Monday and Tuesday and have already implemented many of the ideas I learned.  (Our bean sticks are at school drying as I type…we made them yesterday afternoon!) Thanks again for one of the best learning experiences I’ve had!  You are awesome!

The bean sticks have been a great scaffold to understanding the concept of “ten.”  We use them often.  The learning that took place in simply creating the sticks was worth the time and effort.  This will be an “every year” activity from now on!  I’m attaching pictures of creating and then using our bean sticks.  Thanks again!

 I really enjoyed this seminar. You are an awesome presenter. I’ve learned so much and looking forward o implementing these strategies into my classroom, and sharing with the faculty at my school and hopefully district. Rhonda, Alabama

I was at the Guided Math Seminar in Murfreesboro, TN last week.  It was wonderful!!  You had so many wonderful ideas, it’s hard to know where to start.

Thank you so much!!  I made my own materials!  My students are really responding.  You have really transformed my teaching, I thank you so much.

Thank you so much. This has been the best professional development I have attended. 

I wanted to say THANK YOU again for the past two days!  It was very informational, and I already worked in a picture math talk with my fourth graders this morning that incorporated fractions.  It was awesome to see some “aha!” moments!

My friend and I attend your conference in Murfreesboro. WOW!! It was amazing.  We learned so much information and are already using it in our classrooms. 

Thank you again for making me excited about Math!

Thank you for all the awesome ideas in math. I’ve been practicing the magic ten game on my granddaughter. I’ve convinced her to show it to her math teacher.

I was blown away by some of the ideas and strategies you shared. I primarily coach literacy, but I am trying to find ways to help my 2nd and 3rd grade teachers  with math fluency. Your workshop was extremely helpful with that!!! So, thanks so much!

Thank you so much for such an educational, fun and hands- on 2 days! My co-workers and I learned so much and can’t wait to take our ideas back to our school and use them.

I was at your conference recently and really enjoyed it!  Thanks so much for all the great ideas and PRACTICAL games/manipulatives.

 I attended your guided math training in March, and I loved it!  This was my first year teaching 4th grade after working with preschoolers who have special needs for eight years.  Your training was such a breath of fresh air and an answer to prayer.  I wish I had attended last summer so I could use all the great ideas.  I’m trying to plan for next year.  Thank you so much for all the great game ideas and insight into teaching math.

I have really enjoyed attending your presentation over the last two days.  We have been looking at restructuring how we deliver math instruction and this has been a perfect fit. 

Words do not describe how much I enjoyed your training! 

Thank you so much for the amazing and helpful training these past two days! Next year, I will be the K-2nd grades math coach and team leader. I am so eager to share your ideas with other teachers!! I’m new to the leadership role of  mathematics and you have calmed a lot of my anxiety!! I thought I wasn’t going to be greedy and ask for all the slides and PDFs but you made it seem so easy!   Thank you so much for sharing!

My colleague who teaches 1st (I teach 5th) and I loved your workshop. We took a lot of things away from it. I have been implementing math journals for 3 years now and am excited to start to add more to them now.

I want to let you know that this was by far one of the best workshops I’ve been to in awhile.  I immediately came back and started implementing some of the games and activities that you shared with us as well as lessons that were in the book that we received. I also have been a little more thoughtful in my planning of my lessons to see if I can incorporate C-P-A. Second, we have brought the instructional shift conversation back to our campus (my principal attended with me) and are working on ways to strengthen our math program.

I left rejuvenated, and with many exciting new ideas for mathematics. 

Everyone loved the bracelets, multiple uses of the paper plate, as well as the add/subtract conference “folders” and practice cards.  We are planning to take time to look through the games at another meeting.  Thank so much for all information and ideas.  I’m excited to use interactive notebook- a statement I thought I’d never say.

I attended your 2-day Guided Math Workshop in Springfield, Missouri earlier this month. I LOVED this workshop!! It is honestly the best workshop/seminar I have been to in my teaching career. In fact, I came back so excited and pumped up, I’ve got the attention of many of my colleagues. Ashley, Missouri

I plan to start tomorrow with talking to my kids about what makes a good mathematician! I can’t wait to see what they have to say!

Thanks again!  I definitely want to learn more!!!!! I’m so inspired and not afraid or overwhelmed to teach math in 5th grade.