**The webinars are currently unavailable.  I am very sorry for the incovenience.  I will send out a note through Facebook as soon as they back.**


Webinar: Addition & Subtraction Computation Using Place Value Materials (Gr. 3-8)

Manipulatives can be the key to greater understanding for your students. Join Kristin as she demonstrates how move students through the concrete-pictorial-abstract process, with and without regrouping. She’ll walk through the four stages you’ll go through: 1) Students-only, using materials 2) Teacher shows recording in an algorithm while students use materials 3) Students use materials and record 4) Students record in algorithm. You’ll also learn how these four stages allow you to differentiate your instruction based on each student’s individual level or skill level.

Webinar: Games that Stick: Playful Ways to Work With Numbers (Gr. K-2)

Your little ones will LOVE Kristin’s interactive games! You will, too, because they make it so easy to develop number sense, work on the digits 0-9, practice making 10, and work with numbers beyond 10. Take back to your classroom games your students can play in whole group and small group settings. Classroom teachers, special-ed teachers, and support staff, don’t miss this fun session with SDE Math Expert Kristin Hilty.

Webinar: Teaching Time & Money (Gr. 1-3)

Want to supercharge your students’ mastery of time and money? Join Kristin for this complimentary webinar where she explains how using the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach can pay huge dividends. Kristin shares use-them-now ideas—including calendar activities, picture books, manipulatives, and model drawing—for implementation in your classroom right away!

Webinar: Developing Fluency Through Guided Math (Gr. 3-5)

No matter what math curriculum you use, you can make your classroom a place where your students can learn, and become better mathematicians! The guided math framework can help you meet the needs of all students. SDE Expert Kristin Hilty will discuss how you can help meet the high expectations of today’s standards with strategies and activities that incorporate using math language, allowing every classroom to be turned into a numeracy-rich environment.

Webinar: Experience a Number Bond, For All It’s Worth (Gr. K-2)

Join Kristin for this complimentary webinar where she will share all that number bonds have to offer students. She will look at using number bonds to compose and decompose numbers, and will continue by exploring bonds for elapsed time and converting units of measurement and fractions. Kristin will also relate tips for classroom activities and share work samples!

Webinar: Math Journals: Your Students’ Ticket to Math Understanding (Gr. K-5)

Math journals—you’ve heard about them and maybe you’re wondering how or why you should use them during your math instruction. Don’t miss this complimentary webinar where Kristin will show you the nut and bolts of math journals. She will share examples of student journals, so you can leave with some innovative ideas and activities that can be incorporated into any math journal.

Webinar: Time’s Up on Timed Tests! (Gr. 1-5)

Fact fluency still matters! But instead of developing mathematical fluency, timed tests give students more anxiety! It’s time for educators to give timed tests a time out. But, what do teachers do as an alternative? Join Kristin and Eliza as they discuss the concepts and strategies that led to their new book “Time’s Up on Timed Tests.”