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Mathematicians LOVE Hot Cocoa

Who doesn't love a good mug of hot chocolate in the cold winter months? I'm always trying to tie in real-world experiences into my math lessons and what's better than combining math and hot chocolate? Do you have that one bulletin board in your building that everyone struggles with an idea about what should go… Continue reading Mathematicians LOVE Hot Cocoa


Math-ew the Number Train & Holiday Shopping Project

Math-ew the Number Train and the Holiday Shopping Project… what do they have in common? These are the latest two projects Emily and I worked together on to create. Recently during two coaching sessions, teachers asked me to create materials for them to use with their students. One project was sequencing numbers and the other… Continue reading Math-ew the Number Train & Holiday Shopping Project


Math Stations… Making Them Work for Your Classroom

Many elementary teachers have reading groups already established in their classrooms, but the idea of math groups seems foreign to many. Reading groups is a teaching strategy that has been around for a long time. The idea behind reading groups is, as I understand it, is homogeneous groups that rotate between 4-5 stations. The idea… Continue reading Math Stations… Making Them Work for Your Classroom

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Fractions… Fact vs Fiction

Fact: Fractions is a topic that is controversial with people when it comes to math. Fiction: Fractions are scary! Fact: You CAN teach fractions with meaning. Fiction: If I have to draw a picture of the fraction, that means I'm not good at math. Fact: Making fractions conceptual, using manipulatives, and changing how we (the… Continue reading Fractions… Fact vs Fiction