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17 Reasons to Attend SDE’s National Teaching Math Conference: Reason #7

53 days and counting…crazy to think that two months from today everyone will be home from the conference.  Time is certainly flying by quickly!

On to reason #7 to attend the Teaching Math Conference–Interactive Notebooks!  At the end of day 1 I will spend 75 minutes discussing the nuts and bolts of interactive notebooks for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  If you join me, you will create a mini-notebook of your own to take home, complete with a Table of Contents.  With the activities we will explore, you will see how easy it is to incorporate notebooks into your daily math lessons.  We will discover different types of tasks that will have entry points for all of your students in your classroom.  These low-floor, high-ceiling tasks are easy to integrate with any curriculum you use.

Bring with you all the questions you have about using interactive notebooks with yourJournal Pattern Example students.  When do you use them?  What kind of notebook do you use?  How do you get your little ones to start writing in them?  Should you separate them by content?  Do you grade them?  I will answer all of these questions and more.  I will have some sample notebooks from different grade levels for you to look through.  You will also leave with a list of 47 journal prompts to use with your students.

And…that’s not all…here’s your BONUS reason for Tuesday–pool time!  By the end of Tuesday your mind will already be on overload from everything you’ve taken in during the day.  This year I am going to make it a priority to relax a little by the pool at the end of each day.  I would love to get a group of us together to sit by the pool and reflect on the day.  I am going to drag along several other presenters to join me (they don’t really know this yet, well, they will once they read this post).  We will be available to answer any of your questions, help you decompress, begin to make a plan for next year, and most importantly get the chance to know YOU!  So, from 5:00-6:00, grab an adult beverage, and come meet me by the pool…I’m sure we will be able to make some real-world math connections in our surroundings:).

Time to recap the first 7 reasons:

  1. Addition Fluency
  2. Subtraction Fluency
  3. Multiplication Fluency
  4. Division Fluency
  5. Addition & Subtraction Strategies K-2
  6. Geometry & Measurement K-2
  7. Interactive Notebooks

**BONUS:  Debriefing by the pool

Have I convinced you yet?  I still have 10 more reasons, and a few more bonuses.  But, if you are ready NOW, click on the image below to begin the registration process.  I can’t wait to see you in Vegas!


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