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Mathematicians LOVE Hot Cocoa

Who doesn't love a good mug of hot chocolate in the cold winter months? I'm always trying to tie in real-world experiences into my math lessons and what's better than combining math and hot chocolate? Do you have that one bulletin board in your building that everyone struggles with an idea about what should go… Continue reading Mathematicians LOVE Hot Cocoa

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NEW Virtual Math Game Series

During this crazy and uncertain time, Emily and I have been trying to figure out how we can best support you and your students. We received many thank yous for the 3-week virtual math series, and that got us thinking...what else can we do virtually? Meanwhile, Emily's students were telling her how much they missed… Continue reading NEW Virtual Math Game Series

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Workstations that Work

This is the time of year when many teachers begin to feel the pressure of “the test” sneaking up on them. We begin to wonder how we are we ever going to cover all the content we haven’t made it to yet, and at the same time, continuously review what has already been covered. I… Continue reading Workstations that Work